50% off for siblings


Holiday Opening Dates
  • October (5 days) - 22nd - 26th October 2018
  • February (5 days) - 18th - 22nd February 2019
  • April (9 days) - 8th - 18th April 2019
  • May (4 days) - 28th May - 31st May 2019
  • Summer (29 days) - 22nd July - 30th August 2019

What we do

During the holidays, Fort 4 Fun will provide a fun packed day both on and off site. We will visit local parks, museums and other various children attractions. Some may incur an extra charge however we endeavour to subsidise any activities where possible. We will mainly use public transport or walk to attend any off site activities.

Please note: Our standard day rate (9am-5pm) will rise to £27 per day after 29/3/19
The 50% sibling discount will remain until 29/3/19 (25% thereafter)


Please see above a timetable of activities. This is a provisional timetable and is subject to slight changes in regards to prices and dates. If any of the activities are unsuitable for all ages, we will make other equally as exciting arrangements closer to the time for those children who are unable to attend. Please be aware that judging from our previous holidays we rarely have children stay behind and therefore do not have a provision for those that do not attend activities off site.

Extra Activities

The prices for each activity are indicated on the timetable and are per child. Activities are in addition to the daily rate and can be booked on the website.

They are payable per week on the first day of your child’s attendance. All activities are non – refundable.

The timings of each activity vary from day to day. We plan activities with the expectation that all children will be with us from 9am – 5pm. If you would like to drop your child later in the morning or pick up earlier in the afternoon, please make prior arrangements with the centre.

What we provide included in the fee per day

Breakfast for children who attend from 8am
A snack for children who attend past 4.30pm

What children need to bring

Children should carry the items below in a rucksack especially on the days we have outings.
Please ensure everything your child brings is clearly labelled with their name.

  • A pack lunch
  • A water bottle
  • Suitable, comfortable clothing
  • A spare set of clothing (for the little ones)
Health & Safety

At Fort 4 Fun, the health and safety of our children is paramount. All of our trips are risk assessed and where possible a member of Fort 4 Fun will visit prior to the date on the timetable. All children wear high visible vests during our visits printed with our contact details and are fully informed of what to do in case of an emergency. We make sure that children are aware of a safe meeting point and where they can go for help.

We strictly adhere to a ratio of 1:8 for children under 8 and 1:10 for children over 8, however in most cases we will ensure the ratio is lower with less children per adult.


You may cancel online up to 7 days prior to any booked session and your online account will be credited the value of your booking. This can be used for future bookings.

Money will not be refunded due to sessions missed by the child for sickness (unless it is contagious), holidays, or play dates.